June 7, 2016 Voter Guide


Thank you, San Francisco! Thanks to everyone who donated to help us print the voter guides, thanks to everyone who helped pass them out, thanks to all you who shared the voter guide...thanks for all of the love! We're already getting excited to do it again for the November election. We'll be back with our take on the June election soon.

Pissed Off Voter Guide
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National Races
US President - Bernie Sanders
US Congress D12 - Preston Picus
US Congress D14 - Jackie Speier
US Senate - Kamala Harris

State Races
State Senate District 11 - Jane Kim
State Assembly District 17 - No Endorsement
State Assembly District 19 - No Endorsement

Local Races

Superior Court Judge Seat 7 - Victor Hwang

Democratic County Central Committee

DCCC AD 17 (Eastside of town):
Wade Woods
Cindy Wu
Petra DeJesus
Bevan Dufty
David Campos
Jane Kim
Frances Hsieh
Rafael Mandelman
Sophie Maxwell
Alysabeth Alexander
Tom Ammiano
Jon Golinger
Pratima Gupta
Aaron Peskin

DCCC AD19 (Westside of town):
Norman Yee
Leah LaCroix
Sandra Lee Fewer
Brigitte Davila
Hene Kelly
Myrna Melgar
Eric Mar

State Propositions
Proposition 50 - Suspending Sketchy State Legislators without Pay - Yes

Local Propositions
Proposition A - $350 Million Bond for Public Health, Homeless and Firehouse Facilities - Yes
Proposition B - Expand the Set Aside for Rec and Park - No
Proposition C - Fix the Affordable Housing Requirement - Yes
Proposition D - Require Investigations of Officer-Involved Shootings - Yes
Proposition E - Update Paid Sick Leave - Yes
Proposition AA - Parcel Tax to Save the Bay and Wetlands - Yes

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November 3, 2015 Voter Guide

Local Offices

Mayor: 1-2-3, Anyone But Ed Lee!
    1) Francisco Herrera
    2) Stuart Schuffman
    3) Amy Farah Weiss
District Attorney: No endorsement
City Attorney: Dennis Herrera
Sheriff: Ross Mirkarimi
Treasurer: Jose Cisneros
Board of Supervisors District 3: Aaron Peskin
Community College Board: Tom Temprano

Frisco Propositions

PROP A: Borrow $310M For Affordable Housing - Yes
PROP B: Minor Fix of Parental Leave for City Employees - Yes
PROP C: Track Spending by Expenditure Lobbyists - Yes
PROP D: Mission Rock Development - Yes
PROP E: Over-the-top Requirements for Gov’t Meetings - No
PROP F: Enforceable Regulations on AirBnB-Type Rentals - Yes
PROP G: PG&E’s Dirty Energy Power Grab - No
PROP H: Honest Clean Energy Labelling for CleanPowerSF - Yes
PROP I: Pause New Luxury Housing in the Mission - Yes
PROP J: Help Preserve Legacy Businesses - Yes
PROP K: Use Surplus City Property for Affordable Housing - Yes


This Pissed Off Voter Guide is brought to you by the League of Pissed Off Voters. We've been making these voter guides for the last 19 SF elections to help educate our friends and peers on the issues, excite pissed off progressive voters, and remind sellout politicians that we're paying attention. 


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November 2014 Voter Guide

California Propositions

Prop 1: Water Bond — Yes
Prop 2: Rainy Day Fund — No
Prop 45: Health Insurance Thing — Yes
Prop 46: Drug Testing of Doctors and Malpractice Limits — Frustrated No
Prop 47: Lock up Fewer Nonviolent Offenders — HELL YES
Prop 48: Approve an Off-Reservation Casino — No Endorsement

State Offices

Governor — Jerry Brown
Lt. Governor — No Endorsement
Secretary of State — Alex Padilla
State Treasurer — John Chiang
Attorney General — Kamala Harris
Insurance Commissioner — Dave Jones
State Board of Equalization, District 2 — No Endorsement
Superintendent of Public Instruction — Tom Torlakson
Controller — Betty Yee
US Representative in Congress, District 12 — No Endorsement
US Representative in Congress, District 14 — Jackie Speier
State Assembly, District 17 — David Campos!!
State Assembly, District 19 — Phil Ting
BART Board of Directors, District 8 — No Endorsement

Frisco Propositions

Prop A: $500 Million Transportation Bond — Yes
Prop B: Set-Aside for Transportation Funding — Conflicted No
Prop C: Reauthorize and Expand the Children’s Fund — Yes
Prop D: Retiree Health Benefits for Redevelopment Workers — Yes
Prop E: Soda Tax — Yes
Prop F: Increase Height Limits at Pier 70 — Yes
Prop G: Anti-Speculation Tax — HELL YES
Prop H: Grass Fields at the Beach Chalet — No Endorsement
Prop I: Artificial Turf Fields All Over the City — No
Prop J: Raise the Minimum Wage to $15! — HELL YES
Prop K: Non-Binding Pinky Swear to Build Affordable Housing — No Endorsement
Prop L: Non-Binding Recipe for Carmegeddon and Gridlock — HELL NO

Local Offices

Board of Supervisors: District 2 — Juan-Antonio Carballo
Board of Supervisors: District 4 — No endorsement
Board of Supervisors: District 6 — Jane Kim
Board of Supervisors: District 8 — No Endorsement
Board of Supervisors: District 10 — 1) Tony Kelly 2) Ed Donaldson 3) Shawn Richard
Board of Education — Stevon Cook, Shamann Walton, Jamie Rafaela Wolfe
Community College Board – 4-year term — Wendy Aragon, Brigitte Davila, Thea Selby
Community College Board – 2-year term — William Walker
Judge of the Superior Court, Office 20 — Daniel Flores
Public Defender — Jeff Adachi
Assessor-Recorder — No Endorsement

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June 2014 Voter Guide

Governor — Luis Rodriguez
Lieutenant Governor — Jena Goodman
Secretary of State — Derek Cressman
Attorney General — Kamala Harris
Treasurer — John Chiang
Controller — John Perez
Insurance Commissioner — Nathalie Hrizi
Superintendent of Public Instruction — Tom Torlakson
Board of Equalization, District 2 — No Endorsement
House of Representatives, District 12 — Barry Hermanson
House of Representatives, District 14 — Jackie Speier
State Assembly, District 17 — David Campos
State Assembly, District 19 — No Endorsement
SF Superior Court Judge, Place 20 — They’re All Good!

CA Prop 41: $600 Million Bond for Affordable Housing for Veterans — Yes
CA Prop 42: Make Counties Comply with the Public Records Act — Yes
SF Prop A: $400 Million Earthquake Safety Bond — Yes
SF Prop B: Let the People Decide Waterfront Height Limits — Yes

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