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The President-Elect's proposed first hundred days' agenda is anathema to progressive beliefs, and could undo years' of work. While the League's primary work has been producing voter guides and increasing voter engagement, we are each part of many communities in San Francisco. Although there is no local election in 2017, there is much work to be done. We reached out to our allies and received suggestions on groups who need your support now.

We have always resisted. Resisted the lies of the two party electoral game. Resisted police beatings and murders. Resisted environmental degradation and the evils of corporate polluters. Resisted male violence and transphobia. Resisted the rich bosses and landlords who own the airwaves and politicians. Resistance is our legacy. Resistance is our duty. We have resisted a long time. We will continue to resist.

- "Rising Up in the Trump Moment: We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For," Causa Justa

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Trump Resistance!

Bay Resistance is a new coalition of many of the groups listed below who are working together to resist the Trump administration. They will be sharing rapid response alerts to mobilize against threats to our communities such as immigration raids, healthcare cuts or Muslim surveillance. Sign up on their website and text RESIST to 41411 for action alerts. WHEN THEY COME FOR ANY OF US, THEY TAKE ON ALL OF US!

Immigration Services

Asian Law Caucus represents the legal and civil rights of Asian Pacific Islander communities. Volunteers, especially persons with language skills, are welcome. Donate here.

African Advocacy Network   provides legal and social services to African and Afro-Caribbean immigrants and refugees. Contact them for current volunteer opportunities, especially for people who can provide language support. 938 Valencia St., SF, CA 94110

API Legal Outreach  fights for justice in the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in SF and Oakland, focusing on issues such as human trafficking, elder abuse, domestic violence, and immigration. Contact them about volunteering (especially pro bono law services) and donating.  1121 Mission St. SF, CA 94103

CARECEN (Central American Resource Center) provides direct services, community development, and advocacy to the Bay Area Latino immigrant community. Contact them to get involved or donate. 3101 Mission St. SF, CA 94110

Dolores Street Community Services- Deportation Defense Program provides pro bono legal defense for individuals facing deportation from the US. You can get involved with this or DSCS's many other programs. 938 Valencia St. SF, CA 94110

La Raza Centro Legal  provides legal services for immigration, workers' rights, housing, and civil rights for Latino and low-income communities. Volunteers, especially bilingual Spanish speakers, welcome. Donate here.  474 Valencia St., #295 SF, CA 94103

La Raza Community Resource Center is a bilingual, multi-service organization whose primary focus is to address the unmet needs of Latino immigrants. Contact them about current volunteer opportunities or donate.  474 Valencia St., #100 SF, CA 94103

Chinese for Affirmative Action works on community building, issue advocacy, and social change in the Asian and Pacific American community. They offer many ways to get involved and support their work. 17 Walter U Lum Place, SF 94108

Mujeres Unidas y Activas works to dismantle barriers for Latina immigrants through support groups, leadership training, and political engagement. Support them by volunteering, donating, hiring workers, and more.  543 18th Street, #23San Francisco, CA 94110

PODER works to create people-powered solutions to the profound environmental and economic inequities facing low-income Latino immigrants and other communities of color in San Francisco. Contact them to volunteer, or donate.  74 Valencia Street, #125San Francisco, CA 94103

Filipino Community Center provides community services and education to Filipino immigrants and residents. Contact them to find out how you can give support.  681 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94112

Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights provides pro bono legal services for in many areas, including immigration, criminal justice, reentry, asylum seeking, and equal employment. They rely on volunteer attorneys, interpreters, and many others, as well as donations.    131 Steuart St #400, San Francisco, CA 94105

Pangea Legal Services provides deportation defense, community empowerment, and policy advocacy for immigrants. Support their work by volunteering, pro bono legal service, or donating.  350 Sansome St #650, San Francisco, CA 94104

Immigrant Center for Women and Children provides affordable immigration services to underrepresented immigrants in California. Lawyers and law students interested in volunteering are encouraged to contact them.  3543 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

International Institute of the Bay Area provides high-quality low-cost legal immigration services to community members who need them most. They have a number of volunteer opportunities and welcome donations as well.   657 Mission Street Suite 301 San Francisco, CA 94105


Racial & LGBTQ Justice

SURJ Bay Area - Showing Up for Racial Justice is a national network of groups and individuals organizing white people for racial justice. Check out their calendar or donate.

San Francisco Rising is an electoral alliance working to build political power of SF's working class communities of color. While much of their volunteer work comes during campaign season, they also need people to help with policy, fundraising, outreach, and more.

LYRIC Center for LGBTQQ Youth -- works with youth to build community and create social change. Their programs are open to youth and allies under age 24. Donations welcome.

SF LGBT Center offers services like career counseling, social events, youth outreach, and more in their goal toward equal rights for the LGBT community. They offer many ways to get involved.

Causa Justa:: Just Cause  is a multi-racial community-building organization working to achieve justice for low-income residents of SF and Oakland. They have many ways to get involved, especially for bilingual Spanish speakers. You can donate money or items from their wish list

Arab Resource and Organizing Center  works to empower and organize the Bay Area Arab community toward justice and self-determination. Contact them about volunteer/internship opportunities, or donate here.  522 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110


Legal Services

National Lawyers Guild Bay Area  is an association of lawyers, legal workers, and law students dedicated to protecting civil liberties and human rights. Volunteers can become legal observers for protests.

Bay Area Legal Aid  provides low-income clients with free civil legal assistance, including legal advice and counsel, effective referrals, and legal representation. They have a range of volunteer opportunities for legal professionals and community members. 1035 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Legal Services for Children  provides free legal representation to children and youth. Legal professionals can join their pro bono panel, and others can donate here  1254 Market St, Third Floor San Francisco, CA 94102 


Criminal Justice Reform

Officers for Justice works for equal opportunities for POC, women, and LGBT officers in SFPD, and reforming SFPD policy. They invite the public to attend weekly Police Commission hearings, or help out in their office.

Cut 50 is a national effort, under Van Jones's Dream Corps, to reduce America's prison population by half by 2020. Contact them to volunteer for one of their campaigns, or donate here.



HealthRight360 operates Haight Ashbury Free Clinics, Walden House, Lyon Martin, and other clinics. Has some volunteer opportunities and accepts donations.

Mission Neighborhood Health Center provides affordable health care and community programs in the Mission and Excelsior. Contact them about volunteer opportunities or donate.

Planned Parenthood San Francisco provides a full range of women's health services. Get involved via PP Action Fund.

St. Anthony's Medical Clinic provides primary and specialty care to families in the Tenderloin, 80% of whom live beneath the federal poverty level. Volunteer with their clinic, dining room, or many other programs, or donate.


Housing & Homelessness

San Francisco Tenants Union advocates for tenants rights and affordable housing, SFTU provides counseling and publishes the Tenants Rights Handbook. SFTU operates almost entirely through volunteers and donations.

Compass Family Services assists homeless families find housing and support services. They have a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals, groups, and corporations. Donations welcome.

Coalition on Homelessness works with homeless persons, services providers, and allies to expand housing and protect the rights of homeless people. Volunteers can join their policy workgroups or help produce the Street Sheet newspaper. Donate here.


Environmental Justice

350 Bay Area is a grassroots climate movement, working for divestment, renewable energy, and pollution reduction. With multiple active campaigns, they offer several volunteer opportunities. Donate here.



Parents for Public Schools - San Francisco promotes the value of public school education and equitable schools. They work with newcomer families to navigate schools. Parents can volunteer as school ambassadors, and donations are welcome.



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    Be the Resistance: Getting Involved Locally

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