How did Ed Lee and Bill De Belasio react to the Eric Garner decision?

This picture speaks volumes about the different priorities of these two Mayors.

Bill de Blasio canceled his appearance at the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting and gave a powerful, frank, 30-minute speech about the grand jury decision to not charge the officer who killed Eric Garner.

Ed Lee went ahead with his appearance at a press conference celebrating holiday shopping:

Ed Lee has yet to say anything about Eric Garner. In his statement about last week’s Ferguson protests, he made no acknowledgement of our country’s systemic racism or the justified anger behind the #BlackLivesMatter campaign. And he touted the great work of the SFPD without acknowledging that justified distrust and anger many San Franciscans have for our local police.

From the killing of Alex Nieto to the police brutality at Valencia Gardens to the ongoing corruption trial, the SFPD has a lot of work to do to earn our trust. And we need a Mayor willing to talk frankly about that.

We don’t know enough about de Blasio to say how he’s doing on police reform, but this is what it sounds like when a big city mayor talks about injustice:

  • Rezatl Legato
    commented 2016-10-15 13:56:49 -0700
    Does anyone know the phone number of the Yes on Q people? Why? I want very much to tell them about the very bad experience I just had with a bald YES guy who came to my door (Miraloma Park-Mt. Davidson) and didn’t like that I questioned the likelyhood that if YES passed, there would be no improvement to homelessness or the wellbeing of homeless people. He stormed away yelling at my house, taking pictures of me and my house number saying he was going to make sure everyone (?) knew about me… What does he expect when he goes around disturbing people at their homes – that anyone might disagree, not ask questions, take his posters and post with disregard for real expectation and answers? He knocked on the wrong door today. Pissed me off; I’m still mad.

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