June 2018 Candidate Questionnaires

The League thanks the campaigns who took the time to respond to our policy questionnaire. Our qualified members will vote on endorsements on Saturday, March 10.

See links to the candidates full responses below. Be sure to check out what they say about their self-care strategy for the election (here's a twitter thread summary)! And scroll down for a table of the Mayoral candidates responses to our yes/no and short answer questions. 

San Francisco Mayor Candidate

Angela Alioto

Michelle Bravo

London Breed

Jane Kim

Mark Leno

Amy Farah Weiss


San Francisco District 8

Rafael Mandelman


US Congress, District 12

Shahid Buttar

Barry Hermanson

Stephen Jaffe 

Ryan Khojasteh


California Board of Equalization

Malia Cohen


Mayor Candidate Comparison


  London Breed Jane Kim Mark Leno Amy Farah Weiss Angela Alioto Michelle Bravo
Have you signed up for CleanPowerSF? Green Green Super Green Green Super
Support SFERS Divest from Fossil Fuels? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support expansion of Charter SChools? No No Yes No   No
Do you support the parcel tax for SFUSD? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Implement vacancy controls in SF? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fund representation for all immigration deportation cases? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Allow new Mayor to negotiate MOU with Police Officers Assoc? Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Consider 5+ year old reprimands of police officers for promotions?   No Yes Yes No No
Renew SFPD's involvement with FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force? Yes No No Yes Yes No
Support congestion pricing for the downtown core?   Yes Yes   Yes No
Support increasing the TSF by $5/square foot on commercial property? No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Support a tax on transportation network companies (TNCs) and other "gig economy" operators? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Which gross receipts measure supported for June 2018? Homelessness Childcare Childcare Childcare Homelessness  
Support the SF tenant right to counsel measure on the June 2018 ballot?   Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Do you support the June 2018 ballot measure to provide SF police with tasers? Yes No No No Yes No
RCV for Mayor?   2nd Leno   2nd  Kim 3rd Leno 2nd Leno  
Board of Supervisors D2?       Stefani, Anderson Anderson Anderson
Board of Supervisors D4? Tang       Tang Kim
Board of Supervisors D6?   Haney Haney Haney, Johnson Trauss, Johnson Haney
Board of Supervisors D8?   Mandelman Mandelman Mandelman Sheehy Mandelman
Board of Supervisors D10? Walton, Ellington Kelly   Kelly, Walton Walton Kelly
Board of Education in 2018? Parker, Zhou Collins, Lope, Satya None Moliga, Chinchilla Parker, Satya Haney
Community College Board in 2018? Selby D'avila D'avila, Selby, Rizzo   Oliveri, Rizzo Temprano, Mandelman, Bacharach
Board of Supes D1 in 2016? Philhour Fewer Fewer Fewer, Lyens, Thornley   Fewer
Board of Supes D3 in 2016? Peskin Peskin Peskin Peskin   Peskin
Board of Supes D5 in 2016? Breed   Breed Preston Breed Preston
Board of Supes D7 in 2016? Yee Yee Yee Yee   Engardio, Yee
Board of Supes D9 in 2016? Arce Ronen Ronen Ronen, Espana Arce, Ronen Ronen
Board of Supes D11 in 2016? Safai Alvarenga, Safai Safai Alvarenga, Herrera, Hernandez Safai Herrera
Board of Education in 2016? Cook, Haney, Norton, McNeil Cook, Haney, Sanchez Cook, Haney, Sanchez, Norton     Haney
Community College Board in 2016? Temprano, Bacharach, Williams, Randolph Mandelman, Temprano, Williams Mandelman, Bacharach, Temprano, Randolph      
2016's Prop D "Let's Elect Our Elected Officials"? No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
2014's Prop G, the anti-speculation tax?   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


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