March 2020 Candidate Questionnaires

The League thanks the campaigns who took the time to respond to our policy questionnaire. Our qualified members voted on endorsements on December 17th.

See links to the candidates responses below.

Democratic Party County Central Committee (DCCC)

A.J. Thomas
Anabel Ibañez
Austin Hunter
Bevan Dufty
Carole Migden
Christopher Christensen
Cynthia Wang
David Campos
Faauuga Moliga
Frances Hsieh
Gloria Berry
Gordon Mar
Hillary Ronen
Honey Mahogany
Jane Kim
Janice Li
John Avalos
Keith Baraka
Kelly Akemi Groth
Kevin Ortiz
Leah LaCroix
Li Miao Lovett
Mano Raju
Matt Haney
Mick Del Rosario
Mike Chen
Nima Rahimi
Nomvula O'Meara
Peter Gallotta
Queena Chen
Rafael Mandelman
Seeyew Mo
Shamann Walton
Shanell Williams
Shaun Haines
Sophie Maxwell
Tyra Fennell

US Representative, District 12

Agatha Bacelar
Shahid Buttar
Tom Gallagher

State Senate, District 11

Jackie Fielder


So many questionnaires! No joke, there could be more.

Though the response deadline has passed, we're still game to post candidate questionnaire responses from candidates who didn't answer. It's almost all multiple choice questions. Let our members know where you stand on the issues.

Here's who didn't answer our DCCC policy questionnaire: Steven Buss, David Villa-lobos, Austin Hunter, Nima Rahimi, Bivett Brackett, Rick Hauptman, Kristen Asato-Webb, Tami Bryant, Nancy Tung, Victor Olivieri, Vallie Brown, William (Anubis) Daugherty, Kathleen Anderson, Abra Pauline Castle, Jane Natoli, Mary Jung, Nadia Rahman, Ahsha Safai, Paul Miyamoto, Mawuli Tugbenyoh, and Suzy Loftus.

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