November 2018 Candidate Questionnaires

The League thanks the campaigns who took the time to respond to our policy questionnaire. Our qualified members will vote on endorsements on Sunday, August 12.

See links to the candidates full responses below.

Board of Supervisors, District 2

Catherine Stefani
John Dennis
Nick Josefowitz
Schuyler Hudak - Did Not Respond

Board of Supervisors, District 4

Adam Kim
Arthur Tom
Gordon Mar
Jessica Ho
Lou Ann Bassan - Did Not Respond
Mike Murphy
Trevor McNeil
Tuan Anh Nguyen

Board of Supervisors, District 6

Christine Johnson - Did Not Respond
Matt Haney
Sonja Trauss

Board of Supervisors, District 8

Lawrence "Stark" Dagesse - Did Not Respond
Rafael Mandelman

Board of Supervisors, District 10

Asale-Haquekyah Chandler - Did Not Respond
Gloria Berry - Did Not Respond
Shamann Walton
Theo Ellington
Tony Kelly
Uzuri Pease-Greene

Board of Education

Alida Fisher
Alison Collins
Connor Krone
Emily Murase
Faauuga Moliga
Gabriela Lopez
John D. Trasvina - Did Not Respond
John Ignacio - Did Not Respond
Jose Tengco - Did Not Respond
Josephine Zhao - Did Not Respond
Julia Prochnik - Did Not Respond
Lenette Thompson
Lex Leifheit
Li Miao Lovett
Martin Rawlings-Fein
Mia Satya
Michelle Parker
Monica Chinchilla
Paul Kangas - Did Not Respond
Phil Kim
Phillip House
Randy Menjivar - Did Not Respond
Roger Sinasohn - Did Not Respond
Sarah Thompson-Peer - Did Not Respond
Thompson Lenette - Did Not Respond
Victoria Wylie - Did Not Respond

Community College Board

Brigitte Davila
John Rizzo
Thea Selby
Victor Olivieri - Did Not Respond


Carmen Chu - Did Not Respond
Paul Bellar

BART Board, District 8

David E. Lee - Did Not Respond
Janice Li
Jonathan Lyens
Melanie Nutter
Nia Crowder
William Walker

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