November 2020 Candidate Questionnaires

Big thanks to all of the candidates who took the time to respond to our policy questionnaire.

See links to the candidates responses below.

Board of Supervisors

D1 - Connie Chan

D3 - Aaron Peskin

D3 - Danny Sauter

D5 - Daniel Landry

D5 - Nomvula O'Meara

D5 - Dean Preston

D7 - Stephen Martin-Pinto

D7 - Myrna Melgar

D7 - Vilaska Nguyen

D9 - Hillary Ronen

D11 - John Avalos

Board of Education

Matt Alexander

Kevine Boggess

Alida Fisher

Jenny Lam

Mark Sanchez

Community College Board

Aliya Chisti

Anita Martinez

Jeanette Quick

Geramye Teeter

Tom Temprano

Shanell Williams

Alan Wong

Han Zhou

BART Board, District 9

Bevan Dufty

Patrick Mortiere

Lateefah Simon

Though the response deadline has passed, we're still game to post candidate questionnaire responses from candidates who didn't answer. It's almost all multiple choice questions, and you can skip any you don’t want to answer. Let our members know where you stand on the issues—get in touch!

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