What's Gonna Happen?? March 3, 2020 Edition

Want to watch the election results with us?
Join us at El Rio! We'll be the geeks on the back patio scribbling the election results on butcher paper!

When: Tuesday, March 3, 2020, 8pm - ??
Where: El Rio, 3158 Mission Street, south of Cesear Chavez
No cover. 21 and over (sorry, young folks). Cash only bar.

Election Coverage

What to Expect in the Results

The San Francisco election results will be reported in four batches:

  • 8:45pm: This will be only the absentee ballots that were received and processed before Election Day. These are the people who mailed their ballots in early, and these results are always more conservative than the final results. So don't freak out if they look bad!
  • 9:45pm: Initial results from Election Day polling places.
  • 10:45pm: Second batch of Election Day results.
  • Sometime 'round midnight: The final results from Election Day polling places.

Note that there will still be a ton of ballots left to count after tonight. None of the absentee's dropped off today will be counted for several days. The Department of Elections will post updated results every day at 4pm until the count is finished. You can think of the vote count as being divided into these four batches:

  • Early absentee votes: Mission Local reports that about 90,000 votes have been received. These will be the first vote counted reported at 8:45pm, and this will be the most conservative results.
  • Election Day polling place votes: These will all be counted by the end of Election Night. In June 2018, there were 90,000 Election Day voters.
  • Late absentee votes: These are the ballots that people drop off on Election Day or that are received in the mail anytime between today and Friday. Mission Local estimates this could be as many as 100,000 to 140,000 votes. These will take a week or more to count.
  • Provisional ballots: These are people who showed up at the wrong polling place, registered after the deadline, lost their absentee ballot, etc. In June 2018, there were 14,000 provisional voters. God bless this crew, because these are reliably the most progressive batch of ballots!

That means at the end of the night, we will probably only have somewhere around 60% of the vote counted. So any race that is close (within a few percentage points) will probably be too close to call tonight. For the clown car that is the DCCC election, it will probably be several days before we know who wins the last few slots in each Assembly District. Stay tuned, Pissed Off Voters!

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