How We're Helping to Win November

Hi Leaguers,
We're focused on local politics. But to be honest, we're freaked out about the rest of the country right now, and you probably are too. The silver lining to the lockdown is that there's now more ways for us Californians to affect races all over the country. So if you have any spare time this month, pitch in! Here's some campaigns we're excited about.
  • Want to make phone calls to voters in swing states? Check out these rad groups that are also supporting grassroots organizations:
  • Want to do something, but not sure what? This amazing doc will guide you to a bunch of great options:
  • Want to make a difference for California? Prop 15 is the most transformative ballot measure we've ever had the pleasure of voting for. It will make corporations pay their fair share and have a transformative impact on our schools and communities. But they need our help!
  • Want to plug into our local San Francisco election? Connect with one of these awesome candidates or campaigns who are out on the streets:
  • Want to get some stacks of our voter guide to pass out yourself? Email us and we'll make it happen!
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