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    Thee Parkside in San Francisco, CA

    November 2019 Voter Guide Launch Party

    The latest Pissed Off Voter Guides are hot off the union presses! What ink color did our littlest Leaguers choose this round? Come out Friday evening to grab a stack and find out!

    Kids are welcome, food is available, the tater tots are delicious, and if you're taking Muni the 22-Fillmore stops right out front!

    Campaigns: If you need more than a box or two, please email us to arrange pickup! theleaguesf @ gmail

    And if you want to help us paying to print up all this election geekery, you can pitch in a few bucks at
    We're good for now, but depending how fast the voter guides go, we might need to reprint. And we've got another election right around the corner we need to save up for!

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