November 2016 Endorsements

The League Endorsement ‘Cheat Sheet’!

Here are our endorsements for the giant November ballot! We're furiously working on our full voter guide that will do our best to explain all this stuff. Stay tuned!

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United States Senator
Kamala D. Harris

United States Representative in Congress, District 12
Preston Picus

United States Representative in Congress, District 14
Jackie Speier

State Senator, District 11
Jane Kim

Member of the State Assembly, District 17
No endorsement

Member of the State Assembly, District 19
No endorsement

Board of Supervisors, District 1
Sandra Lee Fewer

Board of Supervisors, District 3
Aaron Peskin

Board of Supervisors, District 5
Dean Preston

Board of Supervisors, District 7
Norman Yee

Board of Supervisors, District 9
Hillary Ronen (#1)
Melissa San Miguel (#2)

Board of Supervisors, District 11
Kimberly Alvarenga (#1)
Francisco Herrera (#2)

Board of Education
Stevon Cook
Matt Haney
Mark Sanchez

Community College Board
Rafael Mandelman
Tom Temprano
Shanell Williams

BART Board of Directors, District 7
Lateefah Simon

BART Board of Directors, District 9
Bevan Dufty

Superior Court Judge, Office No. 7
Victor Hwang

State Propositions
Prop 51: School Construction & Repair Bond - No endorsement
Prop 52: Wonky Hospital Medi-Cal Matching Fees - Yes
Prop 53: Require Even More Bonds Be on the Ballot - No
Prop 54: Publish Bills 72 Hours Before a Vote - Yes
Prop 55: Extension of Income Tax on the 1% - Yes
Prop 56: Tax E-cigs & Bump up Cigarette Tax - Yes
Prop 57: Progressive Parole Rules Reform - Yes
Prop 58: Allow Multilingual Education in Public Schools - Yes
Prop 59: Citizens United Sucks - Yes
Prop 60: Moralizing Crusade to Require Condoms in Adult Films - No
Prop 61: Wonky Prescription Drug Pricing Change - No
Prop 62: Repeal the Death Penalty - Yes
Prop 63: Gavin Newsom’s Vanity Gun Control Prop - Yes
Prop 64: Marijuana Legalization - Yes
Prop 65: Redirect Money from the Disposable Bag Fee - No
Prop 66: Kill Everyone Even Faster with the Death Penalty - No
Prop 67: Protect the Plastic Bag Ban - Yes

Regional Proposition
Prop RR: $3.5 Billion Bond to Repair & Upgrade BART - Yes

Local Propositions
Prop A: Local School District Bond - Yes
Prop B: Property Tax Increase for City College, $20 per Parcel - Yes
Prop C: Bond to Make Loans to Buy and Fix Affordable Housing - Yes
Prop D: Let’s Elect Our Elected Officials - Yes
Prop E: Make the City Responsible for Street Trees - Yes
Prop F: Vote16! - Yes
Prop G: Rename the Office of Citizen Complaints - Yes
Prop H: Create a Public Advocate - Yes
Prop I: Set Aside Funding for Seniors & People with Disabilities - Yes
Prop J: Set Aside Funding for Homelessness & Transportation - Yes
Prop K: Sales Tax to Cover Prop J’s Set Aside - Yes
Prop L: Shift 3 of 7 MTA Board Appointments from Mayor to the BoS - Yes
Prop M: Create Oversight Commission & Kill Realtor Props P & U - Yes
Prop N: Non-Citizen Voting in School Board Elections - Yes
Prop O: Special Favor for Lennar Corp on Office Development - No
Prop P: Snarl Affordable Housing in Red Tape - No
Prop Q: Whack-a-Mole Demonization of the Homeless - No
Prop R: Micromanage the Police Department - No
Prop S: Reallocate Hotel Tax to Arts and Homeless Family Services - Yes
Prop T: Restrict Campaign Contributions from Lobbyists - Yes
Prop U: Developer $ Grab from Affordable Housing - No
Prop V: One Cent an Ounce Soda Tax - Yes
Prop W: New Transfer Tax on Property Worth Over $5 Million - Yes
Prop X: Preserve Industrial and Arts Spaces - Yes

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