November 2014 Voter Guide

California Propositions

Prop 1: Water Bond — Yes
Prop 2: Rainy Day Fund — No
Prop 45: Health Insurance Thing — Yes
Prop 46: Drug Testing of Doctors and Malpractice Limits — Frustrated No
Prop 47: Lock up Fewer Nonviolent Offenders — HELL YES
Prop 48: Approve an Off-Reservation Casino — No Endorsement

State Offices

Governor — Jerry Brown
Lt. Governor — No Endorsement
Secretary of State — Alex Padilla
State Treasurer — John Chiang
Attorney General — Kamala Harris
Insurance Commissioner — Dave Jones
State Board of Equalization, District 2 — No Endorsement
Superintendent of Public Instruction — Tom Torlakson
Controller — Betty Yee
US Representative in Congress, District 12 — No Endorsement
US Representative in Congress, District 14 — Jackie Speier
State Assembly, District 17 — David Campos!!
State Assembly, District 19 — Phil Ting
BART Board of Directors, District 8 — No Endorsement

Frisco Propositions

Prop A: $500 Million Transportation Bond — Yes
Prop B: Set-Aside for Transportation Funding — Conflicted No
Prop C: Reauthorize and Expand the Children’s Fund — Yes
Prop D: Retiree Health Benefits for Redevelopment Workers — Yes
Prop E: Soda Tax — Yes
Prop F: Increase Height Limits at Pier 70 — Yes
Prop G: Anti-Speculation Tax — HELL YES
Prop H: Grass Fields at the Beach Chalet — No Endorsement
Prop I: Artificial Turf Fields All Over the City — No
Prop J: Raise the Minimum Wage to $15! — HELL YES
Prop K: Non-Binding Pinky Swear to Build Affordable Housing — No Endorsement
Prop L: Non-Binding Recipe for Carmegeddon and Gridlock — HELL NO

Local Offices

Board of Supervisors: District 2 — Juan-Antonio Carballo
Board of Supervisors: District 4 — No endorsement
Board of Supervisors: District 6 — Jane Kim
Board of Supervisors: District 8 — No Endorsement
Board of Supervisors: District 10 — 1) Tony Kelly 2) Ed Donaldson 3) Shawn Richard
Board of Education — Stevon Cook, Shamann Walton, Jamie Rafaela Wolfe
Community College Board – 4-year term — Wendy Aragon, Brigitte Davila, Thea Selby
Community College Board – 2-year term — William Walker
Judge of the Superior Court, Office 20 — Daniel Flores
Public Defender — Jeff Adachi
Assessor-Recorder — No Endorsement

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June 2014 Voter Guide

Governor — Luis Rodriguez
Lieutenant Governor — Jena Goodman
Secretary of State — Derek Cressman
Attorney General — Kamala Harris
Treasurer — John Chiang
Controller — John Perez
Insurance Commissioner — Nathalie Hrizi
Superintendent of Public Instruction — Tom Torlakson
Board of Equalization, District 2 — No Endorsement
House of Representatives, District 12 — Barry Hermanson
House of Representatives, District 14 — Jackie Speier
State Assembly, District 17 — David Campos
State Assembly, District 19 — No Endorsement
SF Superior Court Judge, Place 20 — They’re All Good!

CA Prop 41: $600 Million Bond for Affordable Housing for Veterans — Yes
CA Prop 42: Make Counties Comply with the Public Records Act — Yes
SF Prop A: $400 Million Earthquake Safety Bond — Yes
SF Prop B: Let the People Decide Waterfront Height Limits — Yes

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